Mothers Can Work From Home As A Travel Agent!

People who want to work from home can look forward to becoming a travel agent and work from home. By becoming a travel agent, you can get commission on booking made by you. If you are person with good contacts and if some of your contacts are frequent travelers then you might book tickets and hotel reservations for those people and earn a commission out of it. You can directly become a travel agent for the airlines, cruises, and hotels or work with an agency as a sub agent and earn commission for bookings. Working with an agency is the easiest way to start your home business as travel agent. By working with an agency you can avoid the heavy membership fees that are needed to be paid to the airlines and hotels. In fact as an agent you can book tickets cheaper for your customers so that your customers come back to you often for booking. If you can pass on some of your commission to your customers they are sure to get cheaper tickets and bookings.

As an agent you contacts may be limited to your area alone. If you can have tie ups with other agents who are working outside your locality, it will widen your scope of service. Networking with other agents is also necessary. When you work with an agency you can get a lot of contacts of other agents as well. This helps you to broaden your scope of business. By working with other agents you become a part of the team although you are working from home. This gives you a cheerful environment for your business.

With more and more people traveling now-a-days it is easy to get bookings if you have a good network. You can start booking for your friends and relatives and then widen your horizon. Your services are needed for anyone who is traveling on a business trip or for a vacation with their family. You can get commissions for booking hotels, cars, cruises, tour packages, air tickets (local and international), and train tickets. Apart from these you can also work on insurance and booking for attractions. The commission varies with the type of booking that you do and is also depends on the agency for which you are working.

To gain more experience in travel agent business you can also undergo a short term course in that line. There are many institutions that conduct courses for agents and particularly for home based agents. There are many websites dedicated for home based travel agents. You can approach these institutions for more information on the type of courses offered and the fees for those courses. A simple search on the internet will give you a lot of such institutions that are near your locality. Becoming a member of some of the travel network gives you an edge as a travel agent. You can visit sites like, and for more information on these.

Before you go any training in this line, it is better to have a feel of how this industry works. So it is better to start right away without expecting any returns out it and see how it works. Once you come to know the positives of this travel agent business you can go for any training if necessary and if you decide to pursue this full time being a travel agent at home.