Cruise Travel Agents and Their Responsibilities

When you are planning your vacation, there are several options that you have. The kind of trip you take depends on whether you want it to be for the entire family or for couples only. These options include taking a road trip, taking a plane or train, or taking a cruise. If you want something unique and different, plan a consultation with cruise travel agents. They have knowledge that will ensure that your trip is memorable for years to come.

The first responsibility is that you must know where your clients tickets are coming from so that you can protect yourself from a lawsuit in the case of provider default. Along with this is the responsibility of cruise travel agents to warn their client and inform them of any problems or bad reputations that particular cruise line may have. Basically, you need to be seen as a professional, so knowing something about the destinations of the different cruise companies, the different tour conditions, and the packages that are available to your clients.

You also need to make sure that once the cruise is finalized, it is what the client is expecting because you have a duty to keep to the contract between you and the client. This is where confirmation comes in. You need to make sure you have confirmed the right information, from the airport, to the port of call, and to the right ship and package. Good information to find out for your clients as well is the need for visas or passports to eliminate the possibility of embarrassment at customs when they get to their destination. If the provider changes any part of the itinerary, you need to make sure that you relay the new information to the client so that he has the new information.

You can’t promise that the trip will be problem free because that is impossible to guarantee. If you have promised safety, fun, and problem free cruising, if the unthinkable happens, you are liable and could be facing a lawsuit.

Finally, cruise travel agents must be able to protect the money that the client has put down on his trip, so it must all go toward his trip, not to pay some other costs, such as payroll or overhead. They must also be able to provide the necessary insurance to protect his trip in case something happens and he can’t go on his trip at the last minute or an emergency comes up and he must end his trip early.

Any time that you are booking a vacation and you are considering taking yourself or your family on a cruise, consult your cruise travel agents to see what the various offers are at any given time. If you hire the right agent, you will not be disappointed.

How to Locate a Dependable Travel Agent

Whether you are researching a trip on your own or not, here are tips for finding a travel agent to help you plan a trip that is right for you and who can help you with all the confusing information found online. You may be travelling on business, on a family vacation, on a religious commitment, or to host a special event like a marriage, anniversary or a family reunion on a cruise ship or an all-inclusive! Don’t forget fundraisers on a cruise ship.

Location is Key

Travel agents are consultants who are around to help people like you accomplish various travel plans. To locate a reliable travel consultant for your trip, try exploring one of these options:

1. Visit the local Chamber of Commerce or visit their website to review the accredited list of travel professionals.

2. Search through the Yellow Pages to shortlist local travel agents and their contact information.

3. Talk to neighbors or friends to accumulate some recommendations, but these are not always reliable.

After short-listing a few travel agents in your area through your initial research and local contacts, take a note pad and jot down the start and end dates of your travelling schedule, the departure and arrival locations and the intermediate destinations, transportation preferences if any, available budget, and special requirements like wheelchair accessible entry and exit points. Also determine what type of activities you would like to do on your trip. All this information will help the travel agent help you chose the best product to make your trip memorable and a success. Do some research on your own, but let the travel agent help you decide whether the information you find is really the best for you. There is so much information out there.

Have a Vacation without Stress

When you finally meet your travel agent, you can use your list of requirements along with the checklist provided below to avoid disappointments:

1. Keep your conversation with your travel agent focused on your list items but keep an open mind to listen to suggestions of the travel agent to enhance your trip.

2. When you are discussing your travelling plans, available options, and expense details, avoid falling into the trap of buying services you do not need.

3. When making travel plans, always ensure you have a “Plan B” to address mishaps such as seats without reservations, missing connections, lost baggage, absence of travelling date on tickets, and more terrible possibilities.

4. You should also discuss in detail the travel agent’s resources to handle last-minute changes like trip cancellations, date modifications, or itinerary changes.

5. Discuss with the travel agent products like travel insurance to help protect your travel costs along with medical protection. Travel insurance covers more than just those items listed in numbers 3 and 4 above. Travel insurance also covers you medically should the need arise. Some insurance plans do not cover you when you travel outside of the United States. Make sure you check with your insurance company to see if you are covered.

6. If possible, use a credit or debit card to pay for all the expenses, to ensure that all your expenses are accurately tracked, monitored, and auditable in case of a future dispute.

If you are fortunate enough to locate a reliable travel agent, then you can easily expect timely and courteous services while planning, preparing, and executing your travel plans on a suitable budget and schedule.

You Can Become A Travel Agent

Everyone wants to have a career that suits them, and one that makes them happy. There are many things that you can do with your life, but if you become a travel agent, there are so many benefits that you are going to get. If you want to succeed in life, you know that you have to have a job that you can rely on.

Among the many important aspects of getting a good job are factors such as having a job with good benefits, having a job where there is room and possibilities for growth and advancement, and having a job where you can go to work each day and get 100% job satisfaction. If you become a travel agent you can get all of these things. If you become a travel agent you will find that you have a full time job where you are clearly able to get all of the benefits that are awarded to people with full time jobs. Iincluded is health insurance and other insurance policies, and also being able to save for your retirement, which is equally as important. You can also get other benefits as well.

If you become a travel agent you can find that you will simply enjoy your job because you are going to be helping people to make great travel arrangements and get the most out of life. You will find that if you become a travel agent you are going to work in a great atmosphere with other happy people as well. However, the best thing about the chance to become a travel agent is that you have so much room to move upward. You can find yourself in a situation where you can easily work your way from travel agent to owning our own agency. This means more money for you, of course.

See The World

Another great thing you will discover if you become a travel agent is that you are going to be able to do lots of traveling of your own and do it at great rates. If you are able to become a travel agent you can go just about anywhere in the world and you can go there for very little cost. There are almost unlimited benefits to being a travel agent. It is also very easy to become a travel agent. You can apply for a job with a local travel agency and you’ll find that it is very simply get yourself certified so that you can become a licensed travel agent.

Imagine a life where you can help others make great travel arrangements and decisions, and where you are going to be able to actually help people. Not only that, but you’ll find many great things if you become a travel agent. You can travel for free to many places, and if you work in this exciting field you’ll find that not only can you get great discounts for being a travel agent, but that just by being one, you are going to know where the best places are to get great deals on travel.

These are just a few reasons why it is a great idea to become a travel agent. The options are just unlimited: work in your home town, travel to other places, work from your home or even offer travel services on the internet. Regardless of where you go you’ll find that there is a need for this type of job. Whatever you do, make sure not to underestimate the power of being a travel agent. This is a career field that you should think about getting into, especially if you love to travel and if you feel that this can be a great way to spend your life. I mean who wouldn’t want to receive discount flights all around the world?

To Use or Not to Use a Travel Agent?

This is a question that needs to be asked and answered. Like most things in life there are pros and cons. Here we briefly explore the question and the possible answer. Many have written that the professional travel agents days are numbered because of the proliferation of online travel booking options and the increasing ability and capability for online research.

Interestingly the successful travel agents have evolved from being simply booking people to travel consultants. They can now provide valuable advice. Online bookings are relatively simple to use but generally do not provide significant after-sales service should any aspect of the travel not follow the plan. This means that if you are visiting unfamiliar places along unfamiliar routes doing unfamiliar things, it makes a lot of sense to link with someone who you can talk with.

Here are some facts to consider:

Contrary to popular belief, travel agents will save you money some of the time, if the entire holiday cost is considered. They have access to exclusive deals from time to time and ta times have access to bulk buying. Generally, experts say that consumers get better value for money when buying through a travel agent. However, people with lots of free time and who are high flexibility in travel dates may get better deals online where there are “last-minute” needs to either fill a tour, a cruise or a holiday package.

Travel consultants will save you time. There is so much information available online and searching it takes time. They will have access to tools that help selecting and processing requests. Experts estimate that it takes 30 to 40 hours to fully research, plan and book a family trip online.

Travel agents often have special relationships with providers and vendors and can offer extras, like on-board credit on cruises or free breakfasts or free upgrade at hotels. In these cases the cost is the same as self-booking but the value is higher to most people.

Many travel agents enjoy preparing a complicated itinerary. However, some may charge a fee for the services – Check first.

Some will provide “inside information” on many aspects of your travel plans, like selecting accommodation, airlines with cheap stopovers, and tours with a special difference. The “inside information” is often quite valuable to the traveler.

They can assist with information on visa, vaccinations, travel insurance and other risk mitigation strategies.

In conclusion, the good travel consultant continues to thrive, even with the growth of online booking portals. If you are planning travel soon, consult a travel agent and see the difference.